Percentage of Persons (10 Years and Over) in the Palestine Who Use the Internet by Purpose of Use, 2014




Getting information about goods or services 23.2
Getting information related to health or health services 30.4
Getting information from general government organizations 14.9
Interacting with general government organizations 8.5
Sending or receiving e-mail 43.2
Telephoning over the Internet/VoIP 47.8
Posting information or instant messaging 42.7
Purchasing or ordering goods or services 4.4
Internet banking 2.5
Education or learning activities 46.4
Playing or downloading video games or computer games 62.5
Downloading movies, images, music, watching TV, or video, or listening to radio or music 57.7
Downloading software 23.5
Reading or downloading on-line newspapers or magazines, electronic books 35.7
Others 3.3