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Releases in August, 2012

02/08/2012 - Annual Report of the Israeli Settlements, 2011
05/08/2012 - Monthly Industrial Production Index (06/2012)
12/08/2012 - Press on the occasion of International Youth Day
14/08/2012 - Monthly Consumer Price Index (07/2012)
15/08/2012 - Labour Force Survey Second Quarter 2012
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New Publications

Transportation and Communication Statistics in the Palestinian Territory: Annual Report 2011
West Bank Southern Governorates Statistical Year Book, 2011
Living Standards in the Palestinian Territory Expenditure, Consumption, Poverty, 2011

Latest Updates of Statistical Tables

Economic - Water Networks Cost Index
Economic - Sewage Networks Cost Index
Economic - Road Cost Index
Economic - Construction Cost Index
Economics - Whole Sale Price Index
Indices - Consumer Price Index
Economics - Industrial Production Index
Population and Social - Education

Press Releases

According to 20.9% of owners/ managers of industrial enterprises (22.4% in the West Bank and 7.5% in Gaza Strip) the overall performance of their enterprises had improved during the second quarter 2012 compared with the first quarter 2012.

The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for the Palestinian Territory in June 2012, it decreased by 0.94% compared to May 2012.

Exports increased in May, 2012 by 6.0 percent compared to April, 2012 and decreased by 4.9 percent compared to May, 2011 and reached USD 64.3 Million.

PCBS: The Price Indices for Construction Cost, Road Cost, Water Networks Cost, Sewage Networks Cost in the West Bank in June, 06/2012

The results show that the total number of licensed vehicles in the West Bank was 138,644 at the end of 2011 with an increase by 1.7 percent as compared to 2010.

The overall Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in the Palestinian Territory in the second quarter 2012 decrease by 2.15% compared to the first quarter 2012.

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Palestinian Territory  decreased by 0.86% compared to May 2012, while increased by 1.94% compared to June  2011.

The total Population of the Palestinian Territory at mid 2012 was about 4.29 million, 2.65 million in the West Bank and 1.64 million in Gaza Strip.

The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in the Palestinian Territory increase of 7.64% compared to the previous month (April 2012).
The highest percentage of male individuals aged 20-29 years who obtained their diplomas or bachelor degrees was in the academic discipline of business and administration.

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