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Releases in January, 2013

03/01/2013 - Press Release Monthly Industrial Production Index, 11/2012
14/01/2013 - Yearly Consumer Price Index, 2012
14/01/2013 - Monthly Consumer Price Index, 12/2012
21/01/2013 - Wholesale Price Index, 4th Quarter of 2012
23/01/2013 - Registered Foreign Trade in Goods, 11/2012
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Latest Updates of Statistical Tables

Indices - Road Cost Index
Indices - Water Networks Cost Index
Indices - Sewage Networks Cost Index
Indices - Construction Cost Index
Indices - Consumer Price Index
Indices - Industrial Production Index
Indices - Producer Price Index
Economic - Annually Balance of Payments
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Economic - International Investment Position & External Debt

Press Releases

The projected number of Palestinians in the world is 11.6 million, of whom 4.4 million are in the Palestinian Territory, 1.4 million in Israel, 5.1 million in Arab countries and around 655 thousand in other countries.

The Economic Forecasting For 2013

The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for the Palestinian Territory with its base month in November 2012 decreased by 0.26% compared to October 2012

The incessant deficit of the Current Account amounted to USD 672.6 million (25.7 percent of the GDP at current prices for the 3rd quarter of 2012) with a decrease of 15.2 percent compared to the previous quarter

Exports increased in October, 2012 by 4.4 percent compared to September, 2012 and decreased by 2.1 percent compared to October, 2011 and reached USD 61.7 Million

PCBS: The Price Indices for Construction Cost, Road Cost, Water Networks Cost, Sewage Networks Cost in the West Bank in November, 11/2012

The deficit value of the Current Account amounted to USD 2,192.6 million (21.5% of the GDP in current prices), compared with a deficit in year 2010 which amounted to USD 690.9 million.

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Palestinian Territory during November 2012 decreased by 0.55% compared with October 2012
The total value of imports of goods from all countries including Israel in 2011 was USD 4,221 million, an increase of 6.6 percent compared to 2010
The overall Quantity of Industrial Production Index (IPI) in the Palestinian Territory decrease of 3.38% compared to the previous month (September 2012).
Around 113,000 of Individuals in the Palestinian Territory Suffered from at Least One Disability in 2011

New Publications

Palestinians at the End of Year, 2012
National Accounts at Current and Constant Prices (2010, 2011)
Balance of Payments, Preliminary Results, 2011
Statistical Yearbook Of Palestine 2012
Birth Names in the West Bank 2010 - in Arabic only
Fragmentation of Agricultural Holdings and its Impact on Production and Productivity
Registered Foreign Trade Statistics Goods and Services, 2011  - Main Results
Women and Men in Palestine: Issues and Statistics, 2012
Environmental Survey for Health Care Centers (Governmental and Non-Governmental ), 2012 - Main Findings
Quality Report - Transport Survey - Outside Establishments Sector

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