Detailed Indicators of Foreign Trade in Palestine* 2017-2019



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Value in Million USD                                                                                                                                                      

Date of upload: 03/11/020


2017 2018 2019

Total  Exports in Goods

1,064.9 1,155.6 1,103.8

Total Imports in Goods

5,853.8 6,539.6 6,613.5

Net Trade Balance in Goods

-4,789 -5,384.0 -5,509.6

Total  Exports From West Bank*

1,056.5 1,141.5 1,092.7

Total  Exports From Gaza Strip

8.3 14.1 11.1

Total Imports From Israel

3,234.8 3,605.8 3,636.2

Total Exports to Israel

878.6 967.5 897.6

Total Exports of Services to Israel

200 215.7 202.9

Total Imports of Services From Israel

161.8 203.8 213.9

Net Trade Balance in Services

38.2 11.9 -11.0

Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2020. Foreign Trade Statistics. Ramallah ـ Palestine.
Definition (Exports): It refers to whole commodities that are exported or re-exported outside the country, conditioned with ownership transcription to another economy or to free customs regions  as a discount from the national economy.
Definition (Imports): It refers to whole commodities entering the country by air, land and sea that are used in consumption, for conversion in the manufacturing sector and for re-exportation.
Definition (Net Trade Balance): The difference between total exports and total imports.
(*): Data excluded those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967.
Note: There are some minor differences in the totals of the values of the same variable between different tables due to the convergence of standard treatment processes on the computer.