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د. محمود الجعفري




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Date of Birth:             November 11, 1957.

Place of Birth:            Bethlehem, Palestine.





  • B.Sc. Economics, University of Jordan,  Amman, Jordan-1980.

  • M.A. Economics, University of Missouri – Columbia, U.S.A - 1982.

  • Ph.D. Economics / Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri -Columbia U.S.A.- 1986.


1982-1983          Instructor, Department of Economics, the Islamic University of Gaza.

1986-1991          Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, the Islamic University of Gaza.

1987-1989          Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the Islamic University of Gaza.
1990-1995          Acting Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Commerce at the Islamic University of Gaza.

1991(Summer)   Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1992-1996          Associate Professor, Department of Economics, the Islamic University of Gaza.

1991-1993          UNCTAD (Palestinian Unit) at Geneva. Conducting  research on the Domestic and External Merchandise   of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

1992-1993          Visiting Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign.

1996-2010          Director, Institute of Business and Economics, Al-Quds University - Jerusalem.

1994-present      Research Fellow  Economic Research Forum , Cairo, Egypt

1997–present     Professor of Economics, Al-Quds University - Jerusalem.

1998- present     Research Fellow, Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute-Mas.

1998-( part-time Job)        Professor of Economics , Department of Economics, Master Program Birzeit University , Ramallah, West Bank.

2005-(part-time job)       Professor of Economics, Master in International Cooperation and Development,( MICAD)  program , Bethlehem University, Bethlehem , West Bank.

2006- 2010         Dean ,College of Business and Economics , AlQuds University –Jerusalem.

2005-                  Member Steering Committee , FemiseNet Work.

2009-                  Member ,Palestinian Monetary  Authority Board of Director.

2010-( present)     Professor of Economics , Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Birzeit University, Birzeit , Ramallah, West Bank,  Palestine.

Current and Past Membership  And Activities: 

  • The American Economic Association.

  • American Agricultural Economics Association.

  • Southern Economics Association.

  • International Trade and Finance Association.

  • International Association of Agricultural Economics.

  • Southern Agricultural Economic Association.

  • Canadian Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Society.

  • Economic Research Forum for the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey.

  • Palestinian  Economists Association.

  • Institute de la Me’diterranee’ “Femise Network”.



  • Teaching courses in Macroeconomic Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Public Finance, Agricultural Natural Resources Economics, Mathematical Economics, International Economics, Econometrics, Managerial Economics and Research Methods.

  • Conducting Research in Macroeconomics , Agriculture Economics, Labor Economics and Education and International Trade with emphasis on quantitative technique application.

  • Supervising MBA and MA students at Alquds and Birzeit Universities.  

Service On Committees:

  • University research Committee.

  • Graduate School Committee.

  • University Promotion Committee.

  • University Tenurity Committee.


  • "Non-Tariff Trade Barriers: The Case of the West Bank and Gaza Strip Agricultural Exports," Journal of World Trade, June 1991.

  • "The West Bank Olive Market," Agricultural Economics, July 1991.

  • "Consumer Demand for Meat in the West Bank,"The Middle East Business and Economic Review, Vol 3, No.2, July 1991.

  • Forecasting the West Bank and Gaza Strip Agricultural Exports During the INTIFADA (Uprising), Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing, No.2, 1993.

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  • With Yousef Daoud , Mahmoud Elkhafif :Palestinian Trade Policy Options: Disengaging the Palestinian Economy .(with UNCTAD), 2011.

  • Patterns of Private Investments in the Palestinian Higher Education : Potential and Constraints,  Business and Economic Review , 2011 .

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of Palestinian Vocational Education and Training, (Forthcoming, with Middle East Development Journal, 2012)



  • Determinants and Consequences of Remittances: The Case of Palestine

  • Determinants and Consequences of Palestinian Household Consumption  Of Olive Oil.

  • The Performance   of the   Wholesale Markets of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits  in the West Bank.


  • The Economies of Higher Education in the Arab World. University of Qatar, Doha, Qatar, 26-30 October 1991.

  • Agricultural Co-operative Experiences, International Comparison," International Association of Agricultural Economists, Jerusalem, 12-17 April 1992.

  • UNCTAD Expert Group Meeting on prospects for Sustained Development of the Palestinian Economy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Geneva, 19-23 May 1992.

  • Middle East Studies Association Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 28-30 October 1992.

  • Southern Association of Agricultural Economists, Annual Meeting, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1-4 February 1993.

  • Sustaining Middle Eastern Peace Through Regional Cooperation, October 10 - 17, 1993, Brussels.

  • International Conference of Agricultural Economists, August 22 - 29,1994, Harare, Zimbabwe.

  • Sustaining Middle Eastern Peace Through Regional Cooperation, October 16-20, 1994, Amsterdam.

  • Labour Markets and Human Resource Development in the Middle East and North Africa, December 16-18, 1994, Cairo, Egypt.

  • The Economic and Trade Relationships Between Palestine and Egypt; Potential and Prospects.  March 19-22,  1995, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Economic Development and Peace in the Mediterranean Region, August 1-3, 1995, Jerusalem.

  • Liberalization of Trade and Foreign Investment, September 15-19, 1995, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Mediterranean Partnerships  3-6, October 1995, Madrid, Spain.

  • International Economic Association Meeting 18-22, December 1995, Tunisia, Tunis.

  • 5th International Conference on Forced Migration: Economic and Social Consequences. Moi University, 7-17, April, 1996, Eldoret, Kenya.

  • The Economic and Social Consequences of the Peace Process in the Middle East.  Yarmouk University, 13 - 15, May, 1996, Irbid, Jordan.

  • GATT Implementation and Structural Adjustment in the Mediterranean Region, 24-26, June, 1996, Rabat - Morocco.

  • The Economic and Social Consequences of the Palestinian Refuges Problems, Harvard University, Cambridge ,23-26, October, 1996,U.S.

  • Financing Higher Education in the Arab Universities, 1-3, March, 1997, Sana - Yemen.

  • Regional Trade, Finance and labor Markets in Transition, 7-9,September, 1997, Beirut, Lebanon.

  • The Economic and Social Consequences of the Palestinian Refugee Problems, Harvard University, Cambridge, 23-26,August, 1997, U.S.

  • “Unleashing Market Forces and Building Cohesion: The Emerging Arab Economic Co-operation, EU, ASEAN,MERCOSUR, and SAARC” 15-16,March, 1998,Cairo-Egypt.

  • Water and Food  Security in the Middle East,20-23, April 1998,Nicosia Cyprus.

  • Regional Trade, Finance and Labor Markets, 1-3,september,1998,Tunis,Tunisia

  • The EURO-MED AND AFTER, 6-8 February1999,Cairo Egypt.

  • Administrative Issues at check Points and their effects on Inter-Arab Trade, 25-27, September, 1999,Cairo, Egpyt.

  • Regional Trade, Finance and labor Markets, 28-31,October, 1999,Egypt.

  • The Euro Mediterranean Economic and Financial Partnership, 17-18 February, 2000, Marseille, France.

  • Third Mediterranean Development Forum 6-8 March, 2000, Cairo, Egypt.

  • The Euro Mediterranean Economic and Financial Partnership, 27-29, March 2001, Marseille, France.

  • Regional Trade, Finance and Labor Markets, 24-28, October 2002, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

  • Annual conference of Femise Network, 6-8, December 2003, Marseille, France.

  • 2005 Annual cnference of Femise Network,28-29/7/2005,France.

  • 12 annual Conference of the ERF , Cairo , Egypt, 17  - 22, December, 2005.

  • 2006 Annual cnference of Femise Network,28-29/9/2006, Marseille, France.

  • 13 Annual Conference of the ERF , Kuwait, 15  - 18, December, 2006.

  • The Annual Conference on the The Euro Mediterranean  Partnreship and Cooperarton ,Madrid, Spain , March, 11-13,2007.

  • 14 Annual Conference of the ERF , Cairo, 27-31,  December, 2007.

  • 2007 Annual Conference of Femise Network,28-29/11/2007, Marseille, France.

  • The 2nd  Conference on Planning & Development of Education and Scientific Research in the Arab States " Toward Building a Knolwledge Society" 24-27- February, 2008, Organized by King Fahid University, Saudi Arabia .

  • The Annual Conference of the Eduniversal Organisation, 3-5/11/2008, Paris.

  • 15 Annual Conference of the ERF , Cairo, 22-25,  December, November,2008..

  • 2008 Annual Conference of Femise Network,14-16/12/2008, Istanbol, Turkey

  • 12 Annual Conference of the Golabal Development Net Work, 2-5/2/2009, Kuwait, .

  • 2009 Annual Conference of Femise Network,14-16/12/2009, Brusseles, Belguim.

  • Building Institutions and Moving Forward with Establishing the State of Palestine, Vienna, 24-25 March 2010.

  •  WTO Workshop for Academics from the Arab and Middle East Countries, Geneva 12-14 July 2010.

  • 2010 Annual Conference of Femise Network,22-25/11/2010, Rome, Italy.

  • Migratiom and Remittances in the Middle East,  Istanbul, 17-19, April, 2011.

  • Job Creation in Situations of Fragility: Why it matters and how to do it? World Bank, Paris, May-June, 2011. 



  • The Dean of one of the Best Worlwide Business Schools in the year 2008, granted by EDUNIVERSAL, FRANCE.

  • Shoman Prize, 1994. Awarded by Shoman Foundation as the best young Economist in the Arab World.

  • Fulbright Scholar Research Grant 1993.

  • Research Grant from International Development Research Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1990.

  • Research Grant from the Center for International Studies, University of Toronto, Canada, 1991.

  • Research Grants from UNCTAD .




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