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Terms of Use

Version 01, 12 July 2018

Website Terms of Use



Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) is a governmental institution responsible as per its mission statement for developing and enhancing the Palestinian statistical system based on legal grounds that organize the process of data collection and utilization for statistical purposes.


PCBS doesn't charge a fee for the use of the material on the website.


In compliance with these Terms of Use; the user of the material is obliged to mention Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics as the source of data.

User Rights

PCBS grants a universal, free-of-charge, irrevocable, parallel right of use to the material, Including:

·        Copying, distributing, reusing, building, and deriving materials

·        Editing and using for commercial or non-commercial purposes

·        Using and quoting material in other publications

Obligations and Responsibilities of PCBS

·        PCBS website is constantly updated and revised; therefore, PCBS does not guarantee continuous availability of the material on the website as it has the right to delete or modify in part or in full any information on this website without prior notice;

·        PCBS is not responsible for any possible errors or omissions which are result of technical causes, timeliness, or completeness in the materials;

·        Any conclusions that users reach from the material presented on PCBS website are their own and are not to be attributed to PCBS;

·        PCBS specifically disclaims its all responsibility for any damage or harm caused as a result of use of information provided by PCBS.



The user accepts these Terms of Use by receiving, downloading, or otherwise making use of the material.



Note: These Terms of Use were drafted in guidance with the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution License.