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PCBS  in an Open Data Inventory Ranking

Palestinian Central bureau of Statistics (PCBS) ranked 50th in the world in 2018 and among the countries of Western Asia (Oman, Cyprus, Georgia, Palestine, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq,    Syrian Arab Republic) on the fourth place in the Open Data Inventory ranking (ODIN), which assesses the coverage and openness of data on the websites of national statistical offices.


Palestine ranks 50th in the Open Data Inventory 2018 with an overall score of 56%. It is the result of two sub scores: for coverage (52%) and for openness (60%).

Open Data Inventory (ODIN) is the name of the team, which since 2016 examines the degree of openness and coverage of data in individual countries of the world. It takes into account the openness of the format, the availability of metadata and the possibility of machine data reading.

Open Data Watch is an international, non-profit organization of data experts working to bring change to organizations that produce and manage official statistical data. It supports the efforts of national statistical offices to improve their data systems and harness the advancements of the data revolution. Through its policy advice, data support, and monitoring work, it helps both NSOs and other organizations meet the goals of their national plans and the sustainable development goals.

A country report for Palestine can be downloaded here: