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Research Center



Scientific Research Center



PCBS vision:

Establishing an integrated, professional, efficient and effective national statistical system capable of meeting the statistical needs of the comprehensive national development; in addition of being interactive with the regional and international surroundings 


PCBS mission:

To produce and disseminate coherent, objective, high quality, and timely official statistics to meet current and future needs of users at the national and international level in a transparent and appropriate manner using best statistical practices.



The Scientific Research Center services are available at the main premises of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics only.


Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

P.O.Box 1647,  Ramallah-Palestine

Tel: (+970/972) 2 2982700

Fax: (+970/972) 2 2982710

Toll free: 1800300300







The Scientific Research Center has been opened at the main premises of PCBS for using the raw data according to the procedures and standards of PCBS. Opening the Scientific Research Center comes in line with PCBS policy which aims at enhancing the usage of statistical data in the domain of scientific research and to enable researchers to access different types of data which serve various scientific purposes.


PCBS provides the required data according to standards which maintain data confidentiality and individuals privacy according to article (17), first paragraph of the Palestinian General Statistics Law 2000 “All individual information and data submitted to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for statistical purposes shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any individual or to a public or private body, or used for any purpose other than for preparing statistical tables.”



Many institutions and parties are expected to benefit from PCBS data in policy and decision making based on solid scientific grounds:

  1. Various research centers/researchers.

  2. Universities, institutes and graduate students.

  3. Private sector institutions.

  4. Public sector institutions.

  5. International institutions.


Data groups:

PCBS possesses large amount of data in various statistical domains obtained through surveys, censuses and administrative registers conducted and still being conducted by PCBS. Most of these important data groups are classified according to subject as follows:



Like the Population, Housing and Establishment Census 2007.



Like domestic energy, economic environment, olive presses, housing conditions, industrial environment, home environment, health care centers environment,...



Like industry, internal commerce, construction contractors, transportation and storage, formal and informal sectors, financial services and insurance,...


Social and housing:

Like children labor, labor force, poverty, work conditions, culture, health, household consumption and expenditure, crime and victim, computer and internet and mobile, Jerusalem household survey, …  


Data user rights:

PCBS should provide proper space to use the data by a specific computer of good quality and document used data and coding lists during the working time (8:30-2:30); in addition to providing the needed technical support services.


Terms of data usage:

Data user should use the data for statistical purposes only and abide by data security and confidentiality rules stated in the General Statistics Law without disclosing any individual data. Data user should respect PCBS internal regulations and refer to data resource upon publishing any material derived from PCBS data.  


Procedures of data usage:

  1. Filling out a form at the Division of User services with clear reference to the needed data and the study resulted from the data.

  2. Processing and approving the user request internally (within two weeks at the most).

  3. In case the request is approved, the applicant is contacted to sign the agreement and clarify the procedures and terms of use.