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PCBS | UNIEM awarded Mrs. Ola Awad an VIP status certificate of 2013 as being a distinctive personal in leadership and creativity.

Union of International Electronic Media  " UNIEM "

 awarded Mrs. Ola Awad  an VIP status certificate  of 2013 as being a distinctive personal in leadership and creativity.


The Union of International Electronic Media  " UNIEM " awarded Mrs. Ola Awad , President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) an VIP status certificate of 2013 for her distinctive role  in leadership and creativity in Palestine,  and in recognition of her outstanding leading role and  outstanding and innovative performance  in  Palestine as her presence  as professional actress in Palestine,  the region and world.

Ms. Awad , has received  on Monday, 20.01.2014 , at her office in Ramallah , Two delegates representing New Electronic Hayyah University  and  The Union of International Electronic Media  " UNIEM ", presided Dr.  Fathi -Natour , Dean of the Faculty of Information, member of the Board of Trustees of New Electronic Hayyah University   and of the chairperson of  The Union of International Electronic Media  " UNIEM " accompanied by  goodwill ambassadors to the State of Palestine Ma'moun Shehadeh , Kifah Natour , and Eman Abdel -Rahman , Lt. Col. Mohammed Al-Hindi. The delegation expressed their appreciation and gratefulness to Ms. Awad  as considered a mirror to   outstanding Palestinian women in  their creative process of building and planning through successful and excellence leadership.

Mr. Natour noted that Ms. Ola Awad , President of PCBS , provided a creative model in leading public institutions, networking and building relationships, and not to mention her continued  distinctive high quality efforts and performance, and her presence at the  permanent map of distinctive achievements.  He also singled out that Mrs. Awad is being  a professional milestone, and a socially active personal with success in her leadership of PCBS that would reflect a collectiveness in academic excellence , innovative management , and distinctive personal presence .

Moreover, Mr.  Natour  singled out that Mrs. Ola Awad is considered a Knight who demonstrated  Arab Women's ability and creativity in leadership  and establishing an integrated system of achievements in various fields.  Besides, she is an  Arab figure, whom exceeds by her presence  the borders of Palestine into  the Arab, regional and international horizon. Confirming that Mrs.  Awad  led a statistical national institution   and made of it  a model and standard to follow .

Ms. Awad ,for her part, thanked  UNEIM for this generous gesture  and expressed her big faith  and role towards Palestine as a cause, homeland and  people whom we share same fate. Besides, she  noted that all women of Palestine considered  key partners in the economic development and in political struggle.  

Mrs. Awad  added that each Palestinian woman , if given the role and position,  will prove and demonstrate  being a  great , distinctive  and creative  woman and Mrs. Awad expressed and confirmed being  proud of every Palestinian woman , and on this occasion Ms. Awad expressed  deep gratitude to the Palestinian leadership  of HE President Mahmoud Abbas " Abu Mazen" for his appreciated confidence in her  to lead  one of outstanding institutions in Palestine and considered a statistical model to follow at  Palestinian, Arab and international level .