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PCBS | PCBS: The Consumer Price Index During, January, 01/2019.

Remarkable decrease in fuel prices with a stability in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) during January,01/2019

The overall CPI for Palestine during January 2019 slightly increased by 0.01% compared with December 2018 (by 0.15% in Gaza Strip, and with a slight increase by 0.01% in the West Bank**, while it decreased by 0.19% in Jerusalem J1*).

The changes in Palestinian CPI for January 2019 is traced back to changes in prices of the following expenditure sub groups compared with previous month:

Sub Groups

Percent Change

Fresh Vegetables

+ 6.06%

Fresh Chicken

+ 5.02%

Fresh Fruit

+ 1.10%

Potatoes and other Tubers

- 11.21%

Liquid Fuel for Car "Diesel"

- 8.70%

Liquid Fuel for House

- 8.08%

Dried Vegetables

- 7.81%

Liquid Fuel for Car "Petrol"

- 4.13%

The Palestinian CPI during January 2019 increased by 0.45% compared with January 2018 (by 1.11% in the West Bank**, and by 0.40% in Jerusalem J1*, while it decreased by 0.74% in Gaza Strip).

•    The base year of Consumer Price Index has been updated to be 2018.
•    Reliance on the new version of the Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose COICOP – 2018 issued by the United Nation division (UN), to classify major groups, commodities' and services consumed.
•    The CPI for 12/2018 was re-calculated using the new methodology for monthly comparison purposes.

*Data represent those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967.

**Data exclude those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed by Israeli Occupation in 1967.