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PCBS | PCBS: The Palestinian Producer Price Index, August, 08/2021


Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)


Increase in the Producer Price1 Index (PPI) during August, 08/2021



The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for Palestine with its base year (2019 = 100) reached 99.96 in August 2021, as it increased by 0.65% compared to July 2021.


PPI for local exported products

Producer Price Index for local exported products (2019 = 100) reached 105.49 in August 2021, which indicates an increase of 0.94% compared to July 2021.


PPI for locally consumed products

Producer Price Index for locally consumed products (2019 = 100) reached 99.37 in August 2021, which indicates an increase of 0.62% compared to July 2021.


The changes of PPI for August 2021 were traced back to changes in prices of the following major activities compared to the previous month:



­­­­­­­Major Activities

                    % Change


Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities

    + 2.85%

Agriculture, forestry and fishing goods

      + 2.42%


   + 0.01%

Mining and quarrying


Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

      - 0.87%



1 The producer’s price is the amount receivable by the producer from the purchaser for a unit of a good or service produced as output minus any VAT, or similar deductible tax, invoiced to the purchaser. The producer’s prices exclude any transport charges invoiced separately by the producer.



Notice for Users:

·   Due to COVID-19 pandemic and inability to conduct face-to-face interview, data for PPI has been collected using mobile phones.