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PCBS | PCBS: The Finance and Insurance Survey in the Palestinian Territory, 2011

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Finance and Insurance Survey in the Palestinian Territory 2011

 48 Enterprises operate in financial intermediation activities and employ 6946   persons


This survey provides statistics on the number of institutions operating in financial intermediation, the number of employees and their compensations, output value, intermediate consumption, gross value added with its various components, and the gross fixed capital formation of the financial sector.  This survey constitutes the basic foundations for the compilation of Palestinian National Accounts and meets the various needs and expectations of users in both private and public sectors.

According to the main results, there were 48 enterprises operating in this field in year 2011 with 6,946 employees:  4,957 of them male and 1,989 female. The value of employee compensations was USD 152.3 million.  The total value  of output was USD 433.2 million for 2011 and the intermediate consumption was USD 92.0 million.  The gross value added was USD 341.2  million.



The results indicated that gross fixed capital formation was USD 28.0 million and net taxes on production were USD 42.7 million. The operating surplus was USD 121.9 million, while the value of depreciation on fixed assets during the year was USD 24.3 million.


To compare the data of  2011 with that of 2010, output had increased by 7.3%  compared with 2010.  The value of intermediate consumption decreased by 4.6% compared with 2010.  The gross value added had increased  by 11.0% compared with 2010.


Percentage Distribution of the Value Added for Operating Enterprises in Financial Intermediation Activities, 2011