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PCBS | PCBS: The Occasion of the Land Day, 30/03/2013


Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)



Press Release by PCBS on the Occasion of Land Day, March 30, 2013  




Ongoing Judaization of Jerusalem and House Demolitions

On 30th March 1976, a demonstration took place on territory taken by Israel in 1948 to protest against the confiscation of 21 thousand dunums of land in the Galilee, Al-Muthalath and the Negev. The Israeli response resulted in the deaths of six young demonstrators.



Displacement of Five Thousands Persons in East Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation authorities demolish Palestinian homes and pose obstacles and constraints to the issuance of building permits for Palestinians. According to the Al-Maqdisi Institute, between 2000 and 2012, 1,124 buildings were demolished in East Jerusalem (the areas annexed by Israel in 1967). This has resulted in the displacement of 4,966 people, including 2,586 children and 1,311 women. Total losses suffered by Palestinians as a result of the demolition of buildings in Jerusalem total around three million dollars. This does not include the large sums imposed on so-called construction irregularities. Data from Israeli human rights organizations indicate that about 25 thousand homes have been demolished in Palestine since 1967.


The data indicate an increase in cases where residents have to demolish their own homes; 303 residents were forced to demolish their own homes since 2000. The year 2010 saw the highest rate of self-demolition with 70 demolitions compared to 49 in 2009. In 2012, 14 self-demolitions took place. In many cases, residents do not Based on data from ARIJ Research Institute, the Expansion and Annexation Wall has a total length of about 780 kilometers, of which 61% has been completed. The route of the Wall isolated 680 km2 of Palestinian land between the inform the media and human rights organizations of the demolition.


While Palestinians represent 30% of the population of Jerusalem, they pay 40% of the value of the taxes collected by the municipality. Yet, the Jerusalem municipality only spends 8% on providing services to Palestinians.



Self-Demolition 2006-2012



Half of all Settlers Live in Jerusalem Governorate

There were 482 Israeli locations in the West Bank (Israeli settlements, outposts and military bases) at the end of 2012. Data indicate that the number of settlers in the West Bank totaled 536,932 at the end of 2011:  267,643 settlers live in Jerusalem governorate and constitute 49.8% of all West Bank settlers. Of these, 199,647 live in areas of Jerusalem annexed by Israel in 1967. In demographic terms, the proportion of settlers to the Palestinian population in the West Bank was about 21 settlers per 100 Palestinians compared with 68 settlers per 100 Palestinians in Jerusalem governorate.


Expansion and Annexation Wall   Deprives Over 50,000 Palestinians of Residency in Jerusalem


Wall and the Green Line, comprising approximately 12.0% of the West Bank. This land was made up of about 454 km2 of agricultural and pasture land and open areas, 117 km2 were confiscated for Israeli settlements and military bases, 89 km2 were forest and 20 km2 were Palestinian built-up land. The Wall isolated 37 localities and affected over three hundred thousand people, particularly communities in Jerusalem where 24 of the localities affected are home to a quarter of a million people. More than 50,000 Palestinians holding a Jerusalem ID are deprived of the right to reside in Jerusalem. Moreover, the Wall besieges 173 localities with a population of more than 850,000 inhabitants, including the city of Qalqilya.



Jewish Control More than 85% of Land of Historical Palestine

At the end of 2012, there were 11.8 million people living in the historical land of Palestine with a land area of 27,000 km2. Jews constitute around 51% of the total population and utilize more than 85% of the total area of land. Arabs comprise 49% of the total population and utilize less than 15% of the land. A Palestinian therefore has less than a quarter of the area available to an Israeli.


Occupation Authorities approve over 3000 housing units monthly

During 2012, more than 24 thousand dunums of land were confiscated from Palestinians and more than 13 thousand fruit trees were destroyed, considerably damaging the Palestinian environment. The Israeli occupation authorities also approved the establishment of more than 36 thousand housing units concentrated in settlements around Jerusalem governorate.

25 prisoners have spent more than 25 years in captivity

In March 2012, there were 4,900 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including 167 administrative prisoners, 12 females and 235 children. Of these, 76 prisoners have spent more than 20 years in captivity and 25 prisoners have spent more than 25 years in captivity.