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PCBS | An International Conference on Official Statistics to be held in Palestine on Tuesday, 24/09/2013

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics(PCBS)

An international conference on official statistics to be held in Palestine

 on Tuesday, 24/09/2013

Ms. Ola Awad , President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics(PCBS)  announced: that the State of Palestine will be organizing an international conference  on official statistics under the auspices of His Excellency President, Mahmoud Abbas " Abu Mazen ", and the presence of HE the Prime Minister, Prof. Rami Alhamdallah;  and titled "  Efficient Statistical Information System for the State Building"  to be held on Tuesday, 24.09.2013 in Ramallah Cultural Palace in Ramallah .

 This conference  commemorates  a twenty years passage of the establishment of the Palestinian Central Bureau of statistics and coincides with the International Year of Statistics 2013 , launching  of the national strategy for official statistics  2014 – 2018 and launching of the statistical monitoring system. And will participate in this conference for the first time a number of Heads of Arab and international statistical national offices , some Arab institutions , international organizations and foreign experts on the field of official statistics and research institutions,  Arab journalists and  Palestinian prominent figures . This conference is the first of its to be held in Palestine in terms of wide international and Arab participation.

Ms. Awad,  indicated that the convening of this conference comes from the national need to encourage decision and policy-makers to using official statistics in  decision-making process and measuring  impact and progress made on economic and social policies on various aspects of life in Palestine. She added  that, after twenty years since the establishment of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in leading national efforts on preparing and implementing a national strategy for the development of official statistics during upcoming five years towards boosting of the national statistical system in Palestine, there is a need to discuss national needs , taking into account challenges and international developments in official statistical work .

Moreover, this  international conference includes many working papers  submitted by  Arab and international statistical institutions, international experts, national, regional and international research institutions and  media centered on official statistics and challenges, Trends in  Information and Communication Technology, data dissemination and circulation,  The Statistician-General in the 21st century, Challenges for Official Statistics Acting in Instable Circumstances, Communicating Statistics and Data for monitoring. Besides, other subjects  on Capacity  Building for the Integration of the Statistical System, Linking Administrative and Survey Sources , The OECD Delta Project – Making OECD Statistics Data Open, Potential of  Social Media to Shape Future Dissemination Strategies, , Media and Official Statistics,  as well as other papers on statistical knowledge , and social networking and its impact on dissemination strategies ,  and relationship between   media and statistics . Further  presentations on  the national strategy for the development of official statistics 2014-2018 , statistical monitoring system and administrative records .

Ms. Awad, assured that PCBS,  since its establishment, has achieved remarkable success in institutional building on  one hand and  establishing of statistical databases for Palestine in order to monitor changes and measure progress made in various aspects of life on the other. The statistical data is an important props of  establishing an independent Palestinian state for  its importance in planning and policy-making . Therefore, there is an urgent need for a genuine partnership between PCBS and other apparatus of the national statistical system , government and  private sector, civil society, research institutes, NGOs and universities. One of the objectives of PCBS is  to assess needs of  official and private partners and arrange accordingly   national priorities to be absorbed within national action plans , as well as raising awareness of its importance and enabling different actors to accessing  and using official statistical data to meet their needs.

Ms. Awad,  also noted that to securing the  success of this conference , PCBS has been coordinating with relevant parties in Palestine , especially Authority of Civil Affairs , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and  General Administration of Crossings and Borders, The  EmAbassy of State of Palestine in Amman. As well as , forming many  technical, administrative, logistics and Protocol committees. It worth mentioning that  assigned work to these committees have been achieved.

Ms. Awad,  will be inviting  ministers, heads of government institutions , members of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization , Secretary generals of   Palestinian factions, governors and university presidents, heads of chambers of commerce and industry , trade unions and professional associations ,  heads of security services , mayors,  consuls of foreign countries in Jerusalem and  Arab and foreign ambassadors to the State of Palestine, representatives of United Nations system,  members of the Core Funding Group for the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics(CFG). Besides, policy-makers , researchers  and relevant units within line ministries and official institutions, private sector , professional associations , trade unions, university professors and research centers , the different local and international media.

Ms. Awad, concluded that a special Website of the conference on PCBS  was launched to include  details on the conference ,agenda , participants, and working papers.