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PCBS | Who is Who?

Who is Who?

Mrs. Ola Awad/Shakhshir

H.E Dr. Ola Awad

President of PCBS
April 2009 - Present

Sufian Mr. Abu Harb

Dr. Hasan Abu Libdeh

First President of PCBS
1993 - 2005

Sufian Mr. Abu Harb

Dr. Luay Shabaneh

Second President of PCBS
2005 - March 2009

Mr. Sufian Abu Harb

Mr. Sufian Abu Harb

Assistant Under-Secretary for Administrative, Financial Affairs & IT

Mr. Loay  Ghnaim (Shehadeh)

Mr. Loay Ghnaim (Shehadeh)

Assistant Under-Secretary Planning, Development&International Relations Affairs

Dr. Saleh Al-Kafri

Dr. Saleh Al-Kafri

Director General of Economic Statistics Directorate

Mrs Haleema  Saeed

Mrs Haleema Saeed

Director General of International Relations Directorate.

Mr. Mustafa  Khawaja

Mr. Mustafa Khawaja

Director General of Registers and Statistical Monitoring Directorate